Saturday, March 17, 2018


The 17th is another new moon, which means it's TUSAL time!
Did you know there was a facebook group now?  Great for reminders!
Need help on what the heck TUSAL is?  Follow the link to Daffycat's Blog

Since the last post I have made some progress on my stitching

Here is my TUSAL pics
Top left - Monthly before they were dumped
Bottom Left - monthly after they were dumped
Top right - Year to date
Bottom Left - Travel orts
Ever get the feeling some of your orts have disappeared?  I thought I did more stitching in the past month, but I guess when you use a lot of one colour they just don't accumulate.

The next TUSAL is April 16th.  I sense a lot of purple :)

Thursday, March 15, 2018

IHSW - March 2018

Did you hear that IHSW is still going!  It has grown in popularity again thanks to the Facebook Group.

This weekend is the 3rd of the month, which means it is a hermit Weekend!

Do you have plans for the weekend?  I will actually be at retreat, so I will be hermitting with 19 other ladies :)

Hopefully you can spare even a moment to get some stitching in!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Week 10 - 3 starts, one finish

How is it already the 10th week of 2018?!?

Since Cirque des Coeur was finished, and fabric for Sneek still hadn't arrived, I pulled out Year in Chalk Sunday night.
These are quick little stitches, and Monday night I managed to finished it

Year in Chalk (April) - Hands on Design
Fabric by Stephanie - 32ct linen Slate
GAST - Chalk and Ohio Lemon Pie

Before I was able to pull out the next focus WIP, my fabric for the Long Dog Mystery arrived!
I had to start this right away!
This is the best pic of the fabric I got... and I can't seem to get that angle again to get the fabric captured correctly again.

32ct slate blue
Threadworx Reflections (10302)
 I managed to get Part 1 done Sunday afternoon.  Some people who have posted have a bit more done, but I'm waiting until I can stitch an entire motif.

Sneek - Part 1
This mystery SAL is exclusive to Sew and So

After Sneek was done I started my ornament for March.  I have a busy 3 days of work this week and knew it wouldn't be a good idea to get out anything big.
This is as far as I got before bed on Sunday
Lizzie Kate Tiny Tidings XXII
Mr and Mrs Santa
Plus, I have another new start this weekend at Retreat!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Week 9 - My heart is full

Don't worry readers... I'm not getting mushy on ya!

My week consisted of lots of hearts
Not the beating, pushing blood through your body to keep you alive kind of hearts, but the kind brought to us by Ink Circles.

Last week this is where I left off with Cirque des Coeur
And here is where I am at the end of the week...
Cirque des Coeur from Ink Circles
32ct white lugana
Carries Creations silk - Renegade

Here are some close ups so you can see this gorgeous colour!
I really enjoyed using this silk.
Not part of the original pattern, the cat addition can be
found on the Ink Circles Website where the
details for the pattern are


My fabric for my Long Dog Mystery SAL has finally shipped, but until it arrives, I will be working on April's Year in Chalk and then my monthly ornament.
Hope you all have an awesome week!

Friday, March 2, 2018

March 2018 Plans

Here are my plans for the month of March

  • Continue a start and finish on one part of the newest Tiny Tidings (xxii)
  • I think I also have a plan for after the 5 are done... but more on that later...
  • Start and Finish April
  • Continue working on Cirque des Coeur (Ink Circles) - I should be able to get this one done in March!
4) SAL - Long Dog Samplers Mystery - Sneek
  • Start and finish Part 1 (currently one part behind)
  • At March retreat, I will FINALLY be starting Death by Cross Stitch! Dani and I are starting together, as both of us have finished our BAP's :)
6) 2nd FOCUS WIP
  • Fairy Alighting is on deck to become the focus piece once cirque is done

With work getting busier, this might be more of a challenge... but if I stitch a bit every day I should be good. The only plan I don't see getting finished is #4 - the SAL.  But if I don't finish part 1 its not a huge deal... I will just work on the rest of it in April with part 2.  I just don't' want to get toooo far behind :)

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Febraury 2018 Plans Update

Back during the first part of February I set out some goals/plans for myself for the month

Lets see how I did!

1) Ornament   - DONE!!!

2) Year in Chalk   - DONE!!!

3) Coffee Quaker - DONE!!! I managed to finish it on February 11th

4) Start Sneek (Long Dog Mystery Sampler) - NOPE - no start yet as my fabric hasn't arrived yet.

5) Cirque des Coeur - YES!! Made excellent progress!
Last full pic (back at the end-ish of January:
Progress to the end of February:

All in all, I think the month was very productive!!

How did you do this month?  Did you accomplish what you set out to?

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

2018 Week 8 - Hearts a plenty

Since I am still waiting on fabric for my new start, I kept going with Cirque des Coeur.

This is where I was at the end of last week

And this is my progress!
Not horrible considering a long ass week at work and a busy weekend!